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Song of the Day: Beasts by Slow Moving Millie

You might remember this song from a little while ago, it was all over the TV in an advert for Virgin Media, and you even might recognise her voice from a more recent John Lewis Christmas advert with the slow cover of The Smiths’  Please Please Please Let me Get What I Want, she thrives in the advert scene it seems.

Anyway, Beasts is truly one of those songs  that grabs your attention from the very start and doesn’t relent its grip until the very end. She has an odd quality to her voice that brings a uniqueness to this track, one that other artists should  covet because it makes the track stand out from all the rest.

It sounds so ethereal, and the opening line ‘this could be our fairytale’ is very appropriate, it sounds just like one. The entire track, with its mystical pace and image laden lyrics, comes alive with every syllable. It whisks you away on a journey and before you’re ready it has ended.

Which means you’re tricked into pushing the replay button time and again.

What do you think?

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