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Song of the Day: Enjoy the Silence by Lacuna Coil

Some of you might be thinking ‘hang on a minute, Enjoy the Silence is a song by Depeche Mode’ or perhaps ‘hey Susan Boyle has a song called that’ well you’d be right.

Enjoy the Silence was originally written and sung by New Wave, synthpop group Depeche Mode. In fact it was one of their most successful songs. I loved the original, had it on repeat a lot and that is how I first discovered this band, Lacuna Coil, six years ago. I had just recently been given an iPod for Christmas and a friend had uploaded some of his music onto it. I was flicking through the songs on shuffle until this popped up:

Enjoy the Silence

Lacuna Coil

So I popped it on and listened to it, and listened to it and listened to it.

Yes, Lacuna Coil are an Italian gothic rock band and this cover probably shouldn’t work, but if you think back you might remember Marilyn Manson doing a cover of Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus, and I can tell you this is so much better than that debacle.

There’s a lot to celebrate about the original, but Lacuna Coil’s version exceeds even the brilliance of Depeche Mode. The brooding vocals of Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro bring the lyrics to an entirely new level, instead of the smooth synths there’s the raw edginess of the guitars, bass and drum, again giving this song much more texture and the tuneful wails that Scabbia belts out at the end bring a lot more emotion to the song than can be found in the original.

In short, they did the impossible. They took an almost perfect song and not only made it their own but made it better. It is now their anthem, where ever they play this song is on the setlist and the fans throw their all into this just as much as the band do.


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