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Album Review: Moth by Exlovers

Album cover of Moth

Exlovers have been working towards this goal for a long while now and at long last they have finally released their debut album Moth. It came out a couple of weeks ago and the band have celebrated, not only with a launch gig, but also with a few shows in Japan.

Anyway, back to the actual album, fans of Exlovers will not be disappointed. It incorporates all their trademark sounds, from the melodic fusion of Peter Scott and Laurel Sills, to the understated but no less brilliant work of Danny Blackman, Chris Woodhead and Brook Rogers.

There are even a few fan favourites to be found. If you’ve been with this band all the way from the beginning, way back when in 2008, then you no doubt have the  You Forget So Easily EP, the title track of which is instantaneously recognisable. It sounds so dreamy and ethereal but has a solid anchor with the drums, bass and guitar. It’s a perfect example of how well each and every member of this band work so well together.

The opening track Starlight, Starlight statrs off with an explosion of instruments that it almost takes you aback how softly sung these people are. It proves that a vocalist doesn’t always need to belt out the lyrics to be noticed. It’s a promising start to the album.

A much more gentle, but just as lovely, track can be found in Emily. It is an enchanting little ditty that has the potential to become as loved as You Forget So Easily. Everything in it is so soft.

This is perhaps the only problem to be had with this album. The vocals are so soft that on more than one occasion they threaten to be swallowed up by the surrounding music. But beggars can’t be choosers, after all it’s the softness of this group that make them so irresistible.

Unlovable is a mournful song, even the guitar sounds somewhat droopy, as if it’s lethargic in its sadness. There are a lot of brilliant tracks, so this release comes highly recommended, make sure you check it out.


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