Cultivating great musical taste

Song of The Day: At Home by Crystal Fighters

At Home is the sort of song that is best listened to on a sunny day. It just can’t help but put you in a good mood. The lyrics are a bit fast paced and hard to comprehend but you don’t really need to know the lyrics, it’s catchy and actually the best thing about the song is the music, while the lyrics add to the atmosphere it’s the music that creates it.

With little flourishes here and there it’s almost impossible to get bored with this song, there’s so much texture to it with layer upon layer of musical goodness that one listen is not enough. You’ll need to put it on again and again to truly appreciate all the little beats and quirks.

If it’s sunny where you are definitely check out this jaunty little track, if it’s cloudy or raining just shove the headphones in and pretend you’re in sunnier climes.


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