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Retro Review: The Delays- Faded Seaside Glamour

Cover of "Faded Seaside Glamour"

Cover of Faded Seaside Glamour

The Delays are a band who first emerged from the shadows back in 2004 with their debut album Faded Seaside Glamour, considering it came equipped with a disarming summery feel it was only apt that the shadows around them soon dispersed.

One of the most apparent things about them, and is most probably their biggest selling point, is Greg Gilbert’s voice. He can switch from high to low with almost unnatural ease for a guy. It even comes with a slightly gruff edge which adds a much needed roughness to what could have otherwise been an overly perfected release.

Overall it’s a very strong album, there’s nothing faded about it. The vocals are strong and the entire band work seamlessly together and create track after track of delight.

In each one Greg gives his vocals a good work out. Perhaps one of the best tracks on the album is Long Time Coming. It epitomizes the entire album, full of the summery feel, brilliant backing and countless jumps in pitch. It als make use of synths but not in the overt way that most artists use them now. It’s nice and calm and relaxing and passionate too. The chorus is something you can throw your all into whether your singing along or air guitaring/drumming.

Bedroom Scene is another good track, while it’s not as relaxing as the former it does have its own dark, edgy side. It sounds almost brooding when compared to the rest of its brethren and more focus is placed on the instruments instead of the voice.

Then there’s You Wear the Sun, it sounds a little like a Placebo song but it still comes with the unique Delays stamp. This time it’s gruffness of Greg’s voice that makes this stand out, it suits the tone of the track perfectly, which is possibly the most dramatic one on the album.

There’s hardly anything like this about nowadays, and it’s a shame The Delays aren’t give as much radio play as when they first came about. Thankfully they haven’t been swallowed up by the unforgiving industry, since 2004 they’ve gone on to release three other studio albums and are as strong as ever.


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  1. I love this album. I was lucky enough to go to the launch party in Southampton Virgin Megastore (RIP) Bedroom Scene is one of my favourite tracks ever and long Time Coming has special meaning as it was the last ever song played in the Virgin Megastore Express in Gosport. Thank you for reviewing this it brings back good memories

    21/06/2012 at 6:48 pm

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