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Song of the Day: Just a Silhouette by Exlovers

I have a special affinity for this band. They were the first people I ever interviewed and were exceptionally nice. That was back in 2009, they had an EP, You Forget so Easily, to their name and were lugging themselves from place to place in the back of a van.

Now, I don’t know if the situation with the van has changed but their place on the musical ladder has. Since then I have seen them perform at the Joiners in Southampton which is a massive step up from where we met, a small cramped place with not so good acoustics. Yesterday they released their debut album Moth which harnesses everything good about them and makes for a fantastic listen.

Anyway onto the song, Just a Silhouette, which originally appeared on their EP brought with it a bought of nostalgia when it came on. It’s a delightful composition of wonderfully played guitars, drums and mournful vocals. Peter and Laurel’s vocals meld together to make a perfect harmony for such a sweet little song. So sweet it pulls at the heartstrings and makes you wish you could make a record like this.


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