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Say Hello to…… Mike Tyler

Mike Tyler

Mike Tyler, America’s Most Dangerous Poet, author, musician. There’s not much he can’t do, unless you ask him to jump from a fence, there’s a chance he might balk at that. Now his music is heading here to the UK, prepare yourselves it’s going to be a quirky ride. On 20 August his second album, Erection,will be unleashed.

With regards to his records name Tyler said: “There are two reasons. Both, so diametrically opposite (can you ever say “diametrically the same?”) that this gives some good insight into my character,” he explained. “One, clearly I still have more than a trace of a teenage boy’s sense of humour.

“Two, though there has been some good changes in my lifetime, I have lived much of it, at least the language part of it, in other words the overall general tenor of what we understand it is “to be”, in a conservative world. I’m sick of it. Part of the response to this, and this is a mode of fight back leading all the way to the 19th Century Romantic Poets, has been a kind of fetishizing of giving-up — only assholes are erect. No. I want the doubtful, the hopeful, the hopeless … the smart, to, well, put it in.”

Already it’s clear that Tyler is a man who has a way with words; he’s not afraid to be eloquent and does so with a charming style and when this is mentioned to him he jokes saying: “Um, ah, er, ah, mmm, um, um, er, ah, sss, mee, ah, er, um.”

This is what makes his music different from a lot of the stuff that crops up on the radio as does the way he views life.

“I started writing songs because I was broken,” he stated, “What had broken me? I wasn’t broken. I knew what I was doing, too well. I needed to do something that I didn’t know how to do.”

Thus Mike Tyler the musician was born. He has enjoyed success as a poet, Banksy had taken so much of an interest in Tyler’s words that he stencilled them outside Paddington station in London, to which Tyler said he was ‘pretty ridiculous … ly happy.’ He earned the name America’s Most Dangerous Poet when he broke his arm during a reading: “Guilt kills you,” he said, “also being on top of a fence, reading a poem and jumping off and not landing right.”

The perils of being Mike Tyler

Even now he’s covered in bruises having pulled a hamstring but none of his injuries diminish his passion and enthusiasm for performing and he hopes he can bring it to his live shows. “I am so excited about saying “yes!” to this that I’m jumping up and down”

He currently has his single Stuttering Song II out which sounds different to his other music: “I am so self-conscious sometimes I’m like a scrapbook of a life, of a scrapbook of a life. I wanted to make the acoustic first record, then the rockin’ second one. The innovative third one has already been written too,” then he adds, “I hope I can remember it.”

So it sounds like we have a lot to look forward to from Mike Tyler the poet musician, you can buy Stuttering Song II on iTunes now.


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