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Song of the Day: SOS by Mute

The music industry is so saturated with music which sounds so much the same that the pool of talent has become stagnated. It’s become more of a toxic puddle which has infected many an artist, weakening them so they can never make it out of the pool. Yet there are some that stand out, some that are immune to this highly contagious ailment and today, after trawling through a lot of music on the internet, Mute are the standouts.

Instead of joining the disillusioned they climb atop them and step forth and it’s apt that they did this with SOS. Released way back when in 2008 this is the first time I have heard it and I’m mightily impressed . Despite their name they are pretty loud and are an intriguing listen in this day and age of the genre obsessed industry.


What do you think?

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