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Little Fish: The Netherworld

Baffled and Beat

Baffled and Beat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The album that was never released.

Despite being one of the best upcoming bands around, Little fish have suffered more ups than downs in an industry that takes a lot of prisoners. After waiting ages for the release of their debut album Baffled and Beat drummer Nez was forced to leave the band because he was unable to financially support his family.

Yet between the release of their debut ad now they certainly have been busy. Not only are they working with someone to produce a book through Unbound but they managed to scrape together a fantastic follow up album called The Netherworld.

However, because of Nez’s departure it’s not getting the release it deserves. Any fan of the band who signed up to the Little Fish Paper Club received the album in the post with a letter of explanation.

As soon as you pop the record in to play you know it’s something special. I have often said the best thing about this band is their live energy, it is an amazing thing to behold and with The Netherworld it sounds like a live album. When they recorded it they just did it straight. They set up the equipment, pressed record and just performed and then didn’t edit the outcome.

Am I Crazy

Am I Crazy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Between the first album and this the band released The Fishbowl Sessions EP, the songs of which make up the first five tracks of the newest album.

Blue Morning is particularly enjoyable. It starts of simple and slow, gradually building up both musically and vocally. The Hammond keyboard adds a wonderfully unique sound whilst Juju throws her all into the lyrics. In fact the entire band throws their all into everything.

Juju’s voice is deceivingly powerful, some of the songs start off quiet which suggests that maybe just maybe her voice isn’t cut out for belting out lyrics. But Only a Game comes along in all its glory and anybody who hasn’t heard Little Fish before realise that they’ve seriously underestimated  the frontwoman.

It’s difficult to single out a song from this tracklisting, they’re all enjoyable and demonstrate the amazing talent and potential Little Fish possess. It’s impossible not to get swept along with it all and it become all the more saddening to realise that this album that is bringing 50 minutes of sheer enjoyment to my life might not be able to bless many more people in the same way.

Yet if you want the essence of Little fish, if you want one song from this album that will sum up what they are, their energy they lyrical prowess and the perfect way in which they work together then I urge you to listen to Innuendo.  It belongs up there with the great Little Fish songs beside Am I Crazy, Darling Dear and Heroin Dance. It’s a wonderful display of  just what they’re capable of and it’s bound to get you checking out more of their stuff. It’s a highlight of the album, it’s almost chaotic but in a pleasing away, and this is, I would say, their trademark.

Little Fish are pleasingly chaotic.

Before I end this post I would like to congratulate Juju who is expecting her first child next month.


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