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Paloma Faith: Fall to Grace

Fall to Grace cover

Paloma Faith has swiftly risen through the musical ranks with her eccentric personality and powerful songwriting. Her debut album, Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful spawned several chart successes including Stone Cold Sober and New York. Fall to Grace,the singer songwriter’s second album,  came in at #2 on the British album chart

But it’s really not the chart success that makes Paloma Faith such a brilliant artist. Her music is full to the brim of proper storytelling and heartfelt lyrics. She brings an artistic and creative flair to everything she does and this applies especially so to her music.

Although she’s pegged as a jazz artist she doesn’t really seem to stay within the genre. Current single Picking up the Pieces sounds almost moody, a catchy tune about getting involved with someone who’s still getting over their last relationship.

 Compared with her previous album it’s almost difficult to believe that this is the same person. While the introduction to this track sounds a little like New York it is a far cry from the chirpy and perky vocals of Upside Down and Romance Is Dead.  

English: hammersmith apollo 8th nov 2010

English: hammersmith apollo 8th nov 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In fact the album as a whole seems more mournful. Just Be, which features Faith’s vocals accompanied by a piano is stripped back in comparison to everything else she has produced. It’s simplicity is the very reason it is one of the most memorable tracks. She’s not hiding behind the choirs or loud music, she’ s stepping out from behind it all and is belting out the vocals as if she’s been doing it all her life. Actually, she’s not even belting it out. Her vocals are gentle, caressing the ear and every now and then she goes in for the big impressive displays of power, but for the most part it seems almost like she’s just singing to herself.

This is why Paloma Faith is one of the most impressive singers at the moment, she understands that she can get a brilliant song without having to shout her way through it.

Plus there’s always the fact that her songwriting is some of the best about, she knows how to take a clichéd phrase and ply it to her own style.

If you’re a fan of Paloma Faith don’t forget to check out her 2013 UK and Ireland tour dates, pre sale tickets went live today. Also keep an eye out for her new video for 30 Minute Love Affair, she started filming it yesterday.


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